Get to know us!


We are really happy you are here,  by saying “We” we mean, my dog and I.

My dog is a schnauzer, her name is Daisy, she is really charming and loyal, I really consider her as part of the family, because that’s what dogs are, part of the family… Daisy is already seven years old, but she is still a puppy! She acts like a baby I gotta say! But in a cute way…

Well, about me… I’m just a dog lover, who cares about how others dogs are treated, if you are wondering how am I going to give you advice if I’m not a vet, don’t worry I have read a lot, I will never give any advice without previous research, because every dog is different.

We really hope you enjoy this blog, we will try to do our best by not only telling you advice, but to tell you some stories, share pictures with you, etc.

Have a nice day!


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